Multiple application plans for easy reference
Coal mine
In the mining industry, widely used products include methane alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, combustible gas alarms, and so on. Huaxia Tianxin Sensing Technology's products include various mine specific instruments and meters, such as those for coal mines and metal mines.
Oil and Gas
The gases in the petrochemical industry are quite complex, such as hundreds of combustible gases and dozens of toxic and harmful gases. Moreover, the on-site usage environment in this field is also quite complex, such as high temperature, high pressure, high humidity, low temperature, low pressure, dust, electromagnetic interference, etc. The combustible gas monitoring system used by Tianxin Sensor in this environment has a probe and host that have been certified by consumers, and its core accessory sensor performance is far superior to ordinary products.
Instrumentation and core components
Huaxia Tianxin Sensing Technology's products are not only widely used in some of the above areas, but also widely used in other fields. For example, in fields such as aerospace, military industry, medical treatment, metallurgy, animal husbandry, refining, water treatment, etc.